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Career Is On Track

Career Is On Track


TAFE students got the ultimate track side experience when they joined Team Medical Australia at this year's Gold Coast 600.

I HUNG up the phone and leapt across the room. An enormous smile spread across my face. I was beaming. An ecstatic grin had spread from ear to ear. I had just received news that I was to assist Team Medical Australia at this year's Gold Coast 600.

As a current student nurse who is keenly interested in motor sports, this was a phenomenal opportunity for me. The day arrived and I was jumping out of my skin with enthusiasm. It was a chance to not only put into practice all that I had learned thus far, but to look, listen and learn from some of the best in the industry.

Team Medical Australia did not disappoint. The task would range from dealing with minor incidents off track to standing pitside, senses and skills at the ready should we be called to assist in any potential racing incident. Who would have thought that a nursing diploma would see me trackside.

Studying a Diploma of Nursing with TAFE provided me with opportunities and experiences beyond my wildest imagination. Nursing today offers such an incredible plethora of opportunities.