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Look to future and upskill in virtual reality

MOST people think Virtual Reality is typically used in video games but other industries are also harnessing the emerging technology which is creating jobs for software developers.

TAFE Queensland Gold Coast's, Ann Stevens, who teaches the Diploma of Interactive Digital Media said Virtual Reality (VR) is going to boom in the next five years.

"For the first time we have access to a number of powerful headsets for viewing alternate realities in immersive 3-D, which has allowed the technology to become more mainstream," said Stevens.

Ms Stevens said tech savvy companies are looking to employ developers and coders who can help them progress their virtual reality capabilities.

"We are seeing an increase in employment opportunities for developers with positions going from just being with gaming companies to many new job openings now available across other industries."

Some of the sectors on the forefront of VR technology include the tourism industry who use VR to promote destinations and attractions by allowing potential visitors to be immersed in the destination experience.

Meanwhile the big mining companies use VR to prepare machinery drivers as they can't just let people play around on a $2 million dozer so they start training them in a virtually simulated environment.

Port Adelaide Football Club has also tapped into the technology by creating simulated matches offering players a 3D view of setups to enhance their understanding of team tactics; while the medical sector is using it for virtual surgery exercises.

The TAFE Gold Coast teacher said keen gaming and software developers should be looking into getting involved in using the virtual reality technology to broaden their future employment opportunities.

Those new to the field can also enrol in the TAFE Queensland Gold Coast diploma of Interactive Digital Media without prior development knowledge as there are no prerequisites besides Year 12 completion.

"Technical skills and knowledge are not everything in this field, if you have innovation and a creative mind, you can still play an important role in this technology advancement," said Stevens.

Diploma graduates can upskill to the bachelor through TAFE Queensland at the Coomera campus as it offers degrees in partnership with the University of Canberra.