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Student stories

Enjoy some experiences that some of our successful students have shared with us!

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Name: Anne-Marie Chemello
Course: Diploma of Nursing
Profile: Helper

Our world is a better place thanks to Anne-Marie Chemello and others like her. The mother of two is a distinguished Helper; she cares for the sick, unwell, the elderly and well just about everyone's wellbeing.

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Name: Danielle De Vito-Mills
Profile: Organiser
Course: Diploma of Marketing

Danielle De not Danny Devito the famous actor who played Arnold Schwarzenegger's twin, I'm talking about the highly efficient, detailed TAFE Queensland Gold Coast student who likes to plan, arrange and well rearrange.

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Name: Thomas Lunney
Profile: Creator
Couse: Diploma of Screen & Media

Thomas Lunney makes great happen as he packs his big artistic personality into his hair style, which he likes to call the 'crazy wave'. By now you have probably worked out that Thomas is a born Creator, he grew up drawing, painting, putting on plays to entertain his family and dreaming up wild ideas.

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Name: Anthony Slavic
Profile: Doer
Course: Carpentry

When you see Anthony Slavic, he will always be doing something, whether he is making, fixing, creating, cooking, surfing or even burning a hole in the old D-floor....yep pretty much anything except for reading, you won't find him lying around with a book.

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