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Anthony's story

Name: Anthony Slavic
Profile: Doer
Course: Carpentry

Doer - Anthony SlavicWhen you see Anthony Slavic, he will always be doing something, whether he is making, fixing, creating, cooking, surfing or even burning a hole in the old D-floor....yep pretty much anything except for reading, you won't find him lying around with a book.

At TAFE Queensland Gold Coast we describe Anthony as a 'Doer', Doers are the type to break something on purpose just so they can fix it again and again and again until it is something completely new. They can often be found trawling the shelves at Bunnings getting the tools and equipment for their next big project while the rest of us are munching on a two-buck sausage sizzle.

It was in his year 11 woodwork class when Anthony discovered his love for timber and the smell of rich mahogany....he really can't get enough of it. He wanted to get his hands on anything he could cut, carve and create into a masterpiece, which led him to a Carpentry Apprenticeship at TAFE Queensland Gold Coast.

His apprenticeship saw him go from a chippies labourer to gaining a carpentry trade while doing the things he loves the most....yep you guessed it....making and fixing things!

Anthony is a self-proclaimed 'hands-on' learner and loves that he gets to roll up his sleeves and do loads of practical work during his course at TAFE Queensland Gold Coast, however he also felt pretty chuffed when he submitted the written assessment for his latest creation - a saw stool.

This handy-man isn't shy to ask for help when he needs it and his teachers are always there with their hammer and nails in hand showing him how it's done...for they were all working as Chippies once too.

After he completes his trade, Anthony wants to work and travel around Australia and lucky for him all of TAFE Queensland Gold Coast's courses are nationally accredited so 'Mr Wood from Totally Hammered Carpentry' in Timbuktu will recognise and value his qualification. You too can make great happen - just do it.