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Danielle's story

Name: Danielle De Vito-Mills
Profile: Organiser
Course: Diploma of Marketing

Organiser - Danielle De Vito-MillsDanielle De Vito....no not Danny Devito the famous actor who played Arnold Schwarzenegger's twin, I'm talking about the highly efficient, detailed TAFE Queensland Gold Coast student who likes to plan, arrange and well rearrange.

Yep, Danielle is a gifted Organiser, she has a place for everything and everything has a place. When she isn't coordinating anything that needs coordinating, or enjoying a good coffee with friends, she is studying the key elements of Marketing at TAFE Queensland Gold Coast.

After working for 5 years as a Graphic Designer, Danielle she decided that it was time to up-skill and branch out into the Marketing realm combining her natural creative knack with her fine attention to detail and choreographed efficiency.

Being a full-time worker, Danielle needed a flexible course that could fit into her busy schedule and so she enrolled part-time into TAFE Queensland Gold Coast's Diploma of Marketing which proved to be the perfect balance in her restricted routine.

Danielle is thrilled with the valuable, relevant and up-to-date skills she acquires at TAFE Queensland Gold Coast, which she applies in her job every day after learning them in class.

She also loves that she learns not only from her teachers, but also from her peers who come from all walks of life, sharing a plethora of marketing knowledge from different countries and various industries.

When she can tick her Diploma of Marketing off her 'To Do' list, Danielle hopes to be promoted in her current workplace or strategically orchestrate her way into a leading role as a Marketing Director for a company who shares her enthusiasm and profound love for....errr....Monday mornings.