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Student rules and student guide

Student Handbook

Read all about being a student in the student handbook including:

  • Educational Matters
  • Fees, Refunds and Financial Help
  • Student Services
  • Policies
  • Student Support
  • Work Health and Safety
  • Your responsibilities as a student

Interactive Handbook

A quick summary of TAFE Queensland student rules

  • The Student Rules outline your responsibilities and apply whether you are on campus or undertaking a related activity off campus.
  • If you break the Student Rules, disciplinary action may be taken against you.

To read the full student rules please visit the TAFE Queensland website.

Policies and procedures

You can find further policies and procedures on: Administration and Operations, Communications and Marketing, Advertising Procedure, Finance, Health and Safety, Human Resources, Information Technology, Teaching and Learning.

Our Complaints Management Policy can be found under Administration and Operations: Complaints Management Policy.

To view all TAFE Queensland policies and procedures that govern students at TAFE Queensland Gold Coast visit the TAFE Queensland website.

Personal conduct and behaviour

For full details regarding conduct and behaviour please read the Student Misconduct policy on the TAFE Queensland website.

Assessment, academic appeals, misconduct and misconduct appeals

TAFE Queensland students may address concerns with study. Below are details of the policies for each area:

Assessment Policy on the TAFE Queensland website.

Academic Progression Policy on the TAFE Queensland website.