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Student support

At TAFE Queensland Gold Coast we have a range of student support services to make your time with us a great experience.

Everyone's journey is different, and sometimes you need some extra support. At TAFE Queensland Gold Coast, we're here to help.

Our support services are available for all of our students, making your learning experience just that little bit easier.


Our counselling services are free and totally confidential. They can help you achieve your study goals and enjoy your experience at TAFE Queensland Gold Coast to the fullest!

Our experienced counsellors are friendly, non-judgemental and really easy to talk to, and they are available for face-to-face and phone appointments.

Whether you just want an unbiased opinion or feel like you don't have anyone else to talk to, we can help you with any issues you may have including:

  • deciding what career path to follow
  • selecting the right program or course
  • providing support for educational issues
  • effective time and study management skills
  • personal issues impacting your studies
  • help with QTAC and admission requirements and procedures
  • advice on cross-cultural issues
  • assistance for special needs and help with learning support options
  • support for off-campus and online students
  • support on complex issues such as sexual harassment and grievances
  • referrals to other services (for those seeking long term counselling and support).

In case of emergency, ring 000 or go to your local hospital emergency department.

Disability services           

Our commitment at TAFE Queensland Gold Coast is to make everyone's time at TAFE enjoyable and worthwhile.

If you have a disability please contact us to discuss practical assistance, support and advice. Please don't wait, put your hand up now. We are ready to help.­

How it works

Our team of Disability Support Officers can help you in a number of areas, including:

  • confidential and friendly advice
  • organising services to meet your needs
  • communicating with staff members on your behalf when required
  • encouraging your independence so that you take responsibility for your study

Some of the areas you may receive support in include:

  • sign language interpreters
  • readers and scribes
  • assistive technology
  • alternative assessment arrangements

Once we get to know you and what you need, we can create an individual support plan.

If you are still not sure whether this service is for you, please contact our disability officers to discuss your specific needs. 

Indigenous student support

We understand that as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander you may have specific needs. That's why we have a number of Indigenous Student Support Officers on staff to help you settle into your new life as a student.

Getting settled

Our officers can help you in a number of ways, including giving you advice on:

  • accommodation
  • welfare
  • program selection
  • career options
  • employment opportunities
  • financial assistance through Abstudy

They can also help you:

  • with the enrolment process
  • to get in contact with your teachers when required
  • to communicate with government departments .

Student support

We want you to succeed! We want you and every other TAFE Queensland student to succeed.  We make sure this is a reality by providing you with a friendly environment that will make it near impossible not to make it to the other side.  It doesn't matter whether you attend classes on campus or receive training in a community setting off campus; we will still provide you with the same high level support.

You will also have access to practical skills training and a network of services including advice on:

  • study skills and planning
  • group tuition
  • support with personal and family concerns.

Job Matching Officers

Here at TAFE Queensland Gold Coast, the real end game is job outcomes for our students which is why we have dedicated Job Matching Officers.

Our Job Matching Officers work with industry to identify job openings and requirements of each position the business has for the role(s).

Students and graduates of TAFE Queensland can arrange an appointment with one of our JMOs for assistance with CVs, interviewing skills, researching job opportunities and more. The JMOs also provide alerts of jobs available within the industries students have studied to work in and coordinate with the employer(s).

Contact Details and arranging an appointment

Face-to-face and phone appointments are available with our Counsellors, Disability Support Officers, Indigenous Support Officers and Job Matching Officers. To book an appointment via phone call 07 5581 8300 or email