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Early Childhood Education and Care

A career in Early Childhood Education and Care is very rewarding with high job satisfaction, plenty of interpersonal interaction, lots of variety and a high level of autonomy.

The Early Childhood Education and Care profession is one of the fastest growing professions in Australia and is expected to grow over the next 5 years.

The Early Childhood Education and care qualifications reflect the role of workers in a range of early childhood education settings who work within the requirements of the Education and Care Services National Regulations and the National Quality Standard. They support the implementation of an approved learning framework, and support children's wellbeing, learning and development. Depending on the setting, educators may work under direct supervision or autonomously.

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What career opportunities are available:

TAFE Queensland Gold Coast early childhood education and care graduates are employed in the following roles:

  • Early Childhood Education and Care Educator
  • Certified Supervisor (Educator)
  • Outside School Hours Care Coordinator
  • Homecare and After School Care
  • Family Day Care Coordinator
  • Nanny
  • Resort Care

Five reasons to study Early Childhood and Education with TAFE Queensland Gold Coast

  • Your qualifications will provide excellent employment prospects due to child care workers being in high demand.
  • Your TAFE Queensland Gold Coast qualifications provide the platform to further your studies at a university level.
  • You can work in the early childhood education sector at a supervisory and Child Educator level, providing high quality education and care for the next generation.
  • This qualification reflects the role of early childhood educators who are responsible for designing and implementing curriculum in early childhood education and care services.
  • Your qualifications can be used in a variety of roles including child care assistance, nanny, out of school hours care assistant.

Did you know

  • Over the five years to November 2017, the number of job openings for Child Carers is expected to be high (greater than 50,000). Job openings can arise from employment growth and people leaving the occupation.
  • Employment for Child Carers to November 2017 is expected to grow strongly. Employment in this very large occupation (119,500 in November 2012) rose strongly in the past five years and in the long-term (ten years).

I've done it!

"I knew I really wanted to do childcare because I really love kids. I found the course in a book at school and its location was really convenient to me so I decided that I'd enrol. My favourite thing about my course is that the teachers are just really lovely they help you come out of your shell. I enjoy the placements... I love working with kids and now I've got the opportunity to work with the kids so it's great. The Early Childhood Education and Care Diploma has got me straight into a job in childcare. I would recommend the courses at TAFE Queensland Gold Coast especially the children's services because the teachers are just great, if you want to be a teacher they are really good role models."
Hannah Foster
Diploma of Children's Services (Early Childhood Education and Care)