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Open yourself up to a whole world of unimaginable career possibilities with TAFE Queensland Gold Coast's courses in Tourism. Get prepared for the adventure of working in the global tourism industry with our unique style of study which will equip you with real tourism industry skills as well as competency in a broad range of managerial skills in tourism operations.

Students who undertake studies in Tourism can enjoy the practical side of the tourism industry while also applying theoretical frameworks gained from the course structure. You will learn the critical skills that are integral to ensure a successful career in the tourism industry.

These courses provide you with job-ready skills for the tourism industry in a range of sectors including airlines, travel agencies, tour wholesalers, inbound tour operations, visitor information centres and regional tourism offices.

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What career opportunities are available:

Job openings in Tourism will remain high due to the transient nature of the industry and Australia's tourism industry is forecast to experience a slight average annual growth over the next five years. Depending on the level of study taken via TAFE Queensland Gold Coast courses, graduates from TAFE Queensland Gold Coast may enjoy one of the following professions:

  • Supervisor/Manager within a tour company
  • Tourist Information Centre Attendant
  • Airline Sales/Reservations
  • Tour and Cruise Operator
  • Wholesale Operator
  • Travel Agent

Major industry employers:

  • Flight Centre
  • P&O Cruise
  • Carnival Cruise
  • Connexion
  • Airport

Did you know

  • Gold Coast City is widely acknowledged as Australia's premier tourist destination attracting over 10 million overnight and daytrip visitors each year.
  • About 10 million people in the world go on a cruise vacation every year.
  • France is the most visited country in the world.
  • One third of all the airports in the world are located in the United States.
  • All the money that is tossed into Rome's Trevi Fountain each day (about 3000 euros) is collected each night and donated to charitable organisations.

I've done it!

"I've loved every moment of it and am glad I picked the Certificate III in Tourism to study. My experience of studying at TAFE has been really positive, it's given me a really good insight into what the tourism industry is like. My qualifications which I have learnt at TAFE are going to take me very far in the tourism industry because it has helped me and it's been really fun because we got to learn about all different destinations in Australia and around the world and different modes of transport and costing and all things like that."
Nichola Wecker
Certificate III in Tourism