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A career in Welding offers endless employment opportunities

If you're looking to acquire new welding techniques for personal or commercial use, then consider enrolling in a Welding course with TAFE Queensland Gold Coast.

Welding is often referred to as an art rather than a craft. This is a modern trade and it requires you to have strong hand eye coordination and manual dexterity.

TAFE Queensland Gold Coast Welding graduates will have knowledge and hands on experience in the following areas:

  • Selection of welding processes
  • Applying safe welding practices
  • Perform routine manual metal arc welding
  • Perform routine gas metal arc welding
  • Perform routine gas tungsten arc welding
  • Welding Regulations
  • Heat treatment

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What career opportunities are available:

  • TAFE Queensland Gold Coast Welding graduates are employed in the following roles:
  • civil engineering
  • construction
  • shipbuilding
  • vehicle manufacture and repair

Major industry employers

  • Specialised Welding Australia Pty. Ltd.
  • P & A Welding Pty. Ltd.
  • Orion Pipeline Services

Five reasons to study Welding with TAFE Queensland Gold Coast

  • Welders are needed in almost every industry including engineering and construction.
  • Since welders are needed in almost every industry, it gives them the flexibility to switch industries without changing careers.
  • TAFE Queensland Gold Coast offers a Welding Pathways course so you can go on the study higher welding qualifications.

Did you know?

  • NASCAR and other professional motor sports have their own welder to travel with the pit crews? Welding is a very important technology for any motorsport because everything metal is custom made.
  • Welders can work at the bottoms of the world's oceans. This is a highly specialised skill that can take you places that no one has ever been before. Underwater welders travel the world going from one job site to another. There is always a demand for skilled under water welders that are willing to travel.